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At Leanalytics, we believe that we are different from other web analytics products. Leanalytics is about the Lean movement, which is becoming increasingly popular. In our careers, we have witnessed first hand marketing and technical teams working independently of each other with different tools and not wanting to communicate. We wanted to build a product that helped everyone within a company, from marketing professionals to developers, to achieve their business goals as a team.

We began with this general Proof Of Concept and then the lightbulb went off: What about helping startups? Today’s companies have to constantly update the content of their websites, and then are faced with the challenge of understanding how users react to this flow of ever-changing information. Understanding and playing with your data is why we are building Leanalytics. You should have access to real time data such as who is on your website, where they came from, where they are going, how many seconds did they stay and more importantly, “Why ?”.

  • 2017-04-17

    I want you!

    Leanalytics is an ambitious project. We have the power to take down other competitor for web analytics. But I need your help!
    I started this as a side project and now is the time to find other passionate people that want to be part of an exciting adventure.
    Don’t hesitate to reach me out on the Twitter account to know more.

  • 2017-04-09

    Hello World

    The website is up, along with our Twitter account. We are working hard on a private Beta, and more excitingly we are putting our own tool to test. Feel free to register if you want to be part of the story. You’ll find updates here, on Twitter or by mail if you complete the registration form.

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A non-exhaustive list of features.

Real time data flow

Ventures are moving fast. That’s why we reduce the latency between what’s happening and what you see. Views are not aggregated over an arbitrary period, but are available in near real time.

Privacy matters

Your data is yours, not ours. Nothing you store is shared with other domains. It is not sold to third parties or subjected to algorithms you don’t understand. Only you decide what to do with it.

Security by design

We believe in the motto “Do one thing and do it well”. We try our best to keep things simple and secure so that we can maintain a relationship of trust with our clients. If we can’t understand and manage a technology we won’t trust it to handle your data.

The only tool you need

With our product, marketing and IT teams can aggregate, store, understand and utilize information about every visitor to your website with one simple, secure tool.

Hack your data

Build your own “One Metric That Matters”. Using Leanalytics, learn to play with your data by creating filters to categorize your visitors, by sending real time messages to them or by tagging web pages for A/B testing to see how visitors are reacting.

Many more to come

We are working hard to constantly improve and innovate features that will help you get a better and easier understanding of your company’s website. We plan conduct surveys to make sure we build something you want.

Who are we ?

Behind the computer screen, there are some incredible people working hard to bring you Leanalytics.


Technical Leader

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